Tanks for nitrogen

3 tanks of 33 meters long and each 104 tons in weight  from Poland to Belarus for an oil refinery.

Dimensions and weight: 33 m х 3,17 m х 4,15 m, 104 tons
Route: Poland-Belarus

Project and oversize cargo department  carried out the delivery of storage tanks for liquid nitrogen from Kielce (Poland) to Novopolotsk (Belarus). Three receptacle of 33 m long, 3.17 m wide, 4.15 m high and 104 tonnes heavy were transported from Poland to Belarus through Ukraine, as all possible direct routes Poland-Belarus for various reasons (mainly related to road repair or low bridges) were not suitable for transportation of such a large and heavy cargo.

The height of the vehicle with a cargo height composed almost 5 meters, so during the delivery of cargo it was necessary repeatedly to dismantle the masts and traffic lights and also develop various technological solutions for the passage of individual sections of the road where, due to some parameters, the vehicle with the load initially did not pass.