Boilers deliveries

Transportation of 3 oversize boilers, each weighting 54 tons from Germany to the Russian Federation.

Dimensions and weight: 7.8 m x 4.8 m x 4.34 m, 54.1 t
Route: Germany – Russia

TELS group organized the delivery of three containers each weighing 55 tons and having 4.8 m in width and  4.34 m in height  from Germany to the Russian Federation (Volgodonsk, Rostov Region).  Specialists had to overcome the restrictions specific to Germany. They related to: a) the season of holidays of officials, who issue permits for the transportation of oversize and heavy-weight cargoes; b) the permit for only one car instead of three; c) seasonal repair of roads and the need to dismantle the repair structures for three times; d) a prohibition on the movement of heavy vehicles on weekends and holidays. Despite of these peculiarities the cargo was delivered to the European port of departure promptly.

Then the cargo proceeded by ferry to the port of St. Petersburg, where it was supposed to go by barge to Volgodonsk. However, due to changes in the Customer’s production plans, the delivery was speeded up by changing the river transport by a car with of all necessary permits for the transportation of such a heavy cargo to 2000 km.