Boarding bridges

Transportation of teletraps from Spain and Estonia for the airport in Turkmenbad.

Dimensions and weight: 3.9 m (width) x 4 m (height)  x 20.1 m (length), 18.3 t
Route: Spain, Estonia – Turkmenistan

Preparation for the project for the delivery of 7 telethrops from Spain and Estonia to the airport of Turkmenabad, Turkmenistan began as early as 2015. Initially, it was assumed that the delivery will need to be carried out only from Spain – two different cities, taking into account what the route was built and other stages of work were done. However, the project of transporting tlethrops became much more complicated when it was necessary to organize delivery from Estonia also from it. All cargo had to arrive together at the customs destination in Turkmenabad. Traps from Guadalajara (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia) had to be stationed for several months at terminals at the ports of departure, until ready to ship the last part of the cargo – from Montzona (Spain).

After the general dispatch of the cargo, all parts of the Spanish tlethraps were delivered to the port of departure within five days. In the framework of the project, work was carried out on fastening, placement, a number of transshipments along the route, and chartering of the vessel.

Simultaneously with the cargo from Spain came out the constituent parts from Estonia. After transshipment for road transport, the port took three weeks to deliver the goods to their destination. The cargo was delivered to the construction site of the future new airport complex on time, despite the complication of the transportation project.